My Favorite Carry-On

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In early 2018, I came across an ad on Instagram for the Wandrd Prvke backpack, a Kickstarter funded project to revolutionize backpacks. It’s literally made for traveling photographers like myself, so I needed one straight away. I’ve been traveling with it since February 2018 now, and have never looked back. 

Before, I either traveled with an HP laptop backpack or a shoulder bag. The former was not made for heavy loads, so my shoulders would always ache like crazy – it also had an extremely limited capacity, and couldn’t expand if I needed more space. The latter would be nice at first since everything was conveniently by my side, but after just a few minutes the concentrated weight on one shoulder would cause suffering. Both required me to bring all my camera gear in a separate camera bag – that’s my two carry-ons right there. 

The Prvke has truly changed the way I travel for three reasons:

      1. All my camera gear, including two lenses, fits easily in the camera pocket. When I want my camera, I just swing the bag to my left and open the camera compartment.
      2. The expandable top allows me to keep adding to my luggage throughout a trip, so by the end, I carry double the number of things in the same bag.
      3. Having all my camera gear and other carry-on items in one backpack has allowed me to bring an additional cabin roller bag, tripling or quadrupling the number of items I can bring when traveling with hand-luggage only compared to before. 

Although the bag is quite expensive, I would buy it again, and strongly recommend it if you like flexible carry-on options. It’s just a bonus that the bag looks so sleek, and I haven’t even listed all the features here! Check it out.

This post is not sponsored by Wandrd.