Saving Money On Flights Using Momondo

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As you all know, I usually booked award tickets when I’m flying premium cabins, so I’ll rarely book through the airline I’m actually flying with. For example, I usually redeem British Airways miles for flights on Cathay Pacific, Eurobonus miles for flights on Star Alliance etc. However, on the occasions that I book a revenue ticket, I always compare the Google Flights price with Momondo. 

Just like most online search engines nowadays, Momondo searches a huge number of travel agencies to find the best price. Since airlines often offer travel agencies discounts of around 10% (the agency is supposed to add that 10% back to the price, which becomes their profit), the agencies can decide themselves how high they want to go. Some might lower their commission to offer the more competitive price, meaning tickets can sometimes cost up to 10% less on Momondo than if booking through the airline. 

United Polaris 777-300

For example, I was looking at an Air Italy sale fare from Cairo to New York for ~$400 one-way on their website. Meanwhile, the Momondo price was $20 less, so it was a no-brainer to book through there and save a little cash. One word of caution: since Momondo searches such a large number of travel agencies, some of the results can be quite sketchy. Always research the agency before making a booking, and preferably choose one you’ve heard of before. It’s also good to know that some agencies are more difficult to contact if things go wrong, so again, do your research. Happy savings!