End Your Fear of Flying

Overcome your fear of flying -> enjoy unforgettable moments.

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Bye Fear, Hello Fun

We help you overcome your fear of flying and motion sickness.

Becoming Rational

Part 1 presents the statistics and the people who ensure your safety.

Tips For A Smooth Journey

Part 1 also includes scientific advice on how to prepare for, and enjoy your flight.

Motion Sickness

Part 2 focuses on making you feel good onboard.

Practical Advice

Learn what to eat & drink, how to choose the best aircraft type for your comfort and where to sit.

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What is 3 + 1?

This 37-page digital guide was written in 2019 by Nonstop Dan and D. S. Newton. All rights reserved – Nonstop Dan 2019.

Part 1: Fear of Flying

  1. Numbers
  2. Your Safety And People Who Contribute
  3. Before Your Flight
  4. Booking Your Flight
  5. During Your Flight

Part 2: Motion Sickness

  1. Food and Drink
  2. Choose Your Aircraft
  3. Choose Your Seat
  4. Once Onboard
  5. Medication

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're confident our guide will get you on your way toward traveling the world without worry. If for some reason you are not satisfied, please email us and we will make it right!