Behind The Name, Nonstop Dan

My life is pretty nonstop. Every year since 2016, I’ve taken around 100 flights, most of which have been in premium cabins. I also spend several months every year traveling, exploring new countries and cultures. I used to believe that travel was only for vacations, something you did once or twice a year to have something to long for. But I never wanted to live my life that way. Instead, I want every day to be better than the last. Every day should offer something to look forward to, and if it doesn’t, something needs to change. If I can do this as a self-funded 21-year-old college student making a minimal income on YouTube, so can you! Join me and live life to the fullest, nonstop. 

Qatar Airways QSuiteBehind the name change:
I created my YouTube channel at the age of 12 under the name Dantorp11. The username was a combination of my name (Daniel), school (Torpskolan) and house number (11) – how creative?! Sometime along the way, I dropped the 11 and changed my name to Dantorp Aviation, probably around 2013 – 2014.  Sure, my name is still Dan, but I don’t go to Torpskolan anymore. The Scandinavian sound of Torp is cool and all, but it doesn’t represent me. The world aviation is also great, but it limits me to posting about just that.

In December 2017, I started brainstorming names for my rebranding. In the seven months leading up to my name change, I’ve been convinced that countless names were the perfect ones. It wasn’t until I had already decided on another name that I thought of Nonstop Dan as I was wandering down a street in Bangkok in early May 2018 and contemplating my life. “Wow, my lifestyle is pretty nonstop”, I thought to myself. That’s when Nonstop Dan was born 🙂

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  1. Ivory Coast (@Abidjan28) Reply

    So glad to discover your video/blog. You’re my #1 choice now (don’t tell Lucky). Btw – – you’re most recent videos are so well done and I can’t complain. That said, my all-time favorite, is your Air Brussels business class. Not as polished as your new offerings, sure, but I really enjoy how you can talk in-depth about ever single item (even clicking the seat belt). Hope you can hold on to some of the nerdier aspects like this, going forward. Again, superb work. Keep it up!

    • dantorpaviation Reply

      Thanks so much man! I’m so happy you enjoy my videos, and I appreciate the feedback. I’ll keep that in mind so I can continue showing all the details.

  2. Jesus Bracho (@Bracho32Jesus) Reply

    Actually I was very used to the Dantorp, but … I really like the change of name, I never knew the origin of the Torp (now I know, it’s kind of embarrassing to say it now) but I really like the change, never stop innovating and showing things that many (including me being a frequent traveler) we can see in our lives, what I was able to know was my sub continent and the origin of my family but there are things waiting to be discovered, documented, and if possible, be lived, I have always been told not to let my imagination fly so high, but … I have traveled a lot to have only 16, and I can not avoid telling them all, why not, someday I would like to fly more east from Europe and to arrive to Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and to know the old Republic of Karelia, without first avoiding the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia, Switzerland, France, among other places that I know I could meet some day, continue like this , and as advice, do not change, be yourself always, and thank you very much for being on YouTube 🙂

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